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Jul 02, 2012 by Robert Brandzen

During my time as a competitive boxer, there have been several occasions where I have needed treatment for excruciating injuries. There have been times where, after visiting Ken, I left his sessions as if I didn’t have any injuries in the first place.

Miracles Do Happen !!!!!

Jun 27, 2012 by Russell Berryman

I have to say a little over 8 years ago I went to see Ken when I was having severe lower back pain that was pinching the siatic nerve. The Dr.'s had me on all kinds of medications and were talking surgery. After a few visits to Ken back then I did not need the surgery and I have had very little problems with my lower back evere since. Fastforward 8 years and now there is a problem with my upper back causing pins and needles in my arm and a numb index finger. I saw the normal Dr.'s and here we go again, they want to do surgery. I have seen Ken about this only two times now and the pain is gone, the feeling is back, and the wife is happy to have the old me back !!!(not sure if that was a compliment). This man has made my quality of life better, not once but twice now.

The Best!!

Jun 08, 2012 by Susan

Ken is just great! He makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. I would recommend him and his business to anyone interested. It's great to finally NOT wake up EVERY day with a headache!!!

Jun 05, 2012 by Bruno Pereira

Ken Branco is one of a kind! It's all about having fun and getting better with Ken.

Branco Acupuncture , USA 5.0 5.0 24 24 I have dealt with migraines for just about my whole life. Medication never helped, meditation, hospital treatments, NOTHING. I then was recommended acupuncture and my parents, who